Who can sue in Florida tire failure case?

In a tire failure case various parties can sue. Primarily the person that was injured. That person has a right and responsibility to pursue a claim against all negligent parties. That might be the person installing the tire, the manufacturer of the tire, or the owner and operator of the motor vehicle.

What must I prove in order to win my Florida tire failure case?

A tire failure case si similar to a product liability case or another negligence case. In any negligence case there are four elements: duty, breach, causation, and damages. You must prove a duty on the part someone to maintain the vehicle or tire in an appropriate manner. There must be a breach of that duty or some problem that occured. There must be causation or a link between the failure of the tire and the damages sustained. Finally, there must be damages. All these elements must be proved in order to proceed with your case.

What should I do if I am injured as a result of tire failure in Florida?

If you’re injured as aresult of a tire failure it is imporant to document the claim. It’s important to look at the tire, maintain the tire, inspect the tire, and have an expert witness who can make a determination as to why the tire failed. For this reason its very important in a tire failure case to hire a lawyer and hire one early on. The lawyer will have an opportunity to preserve the tire so it can be examined by an expert witness who can make the appropriate recommendations and suggestions and find out who was really at fault and why the tire failed in the first place.