Scholarship Presentation with Pinecrest Business Association

We decided we wanted a group that’s a bit different. We do business development, we work with one another, and we do community service. Our firm is likewise involved in the community. We’re here to network and do business with people. When we do community service, we help each other. When we do good deeds for people, I’m a strong believer in Karma. What you put out you get back. This is my home, this is where my kids went to school, and by being part of that, developing relationships and meeting people, and that’s what we’re here for today. We’ve been doing this close to ten years, and we decided a couple years back that we wanted to give a scholarship. Not one child has won this award that hasn’t excelled as they went on to pursue their careers.

Mitch Panter Introduces Winner of Scholarship

He took 18 AP classes. He had the opportunity to go to Yale, Singapore, or Columbia, and he’s chosen to go to Columbia. I hope he gets a feeling of warmth, community, and commitment from our businesses today. Without further ado, George.

Scholarship Recipient Receives Donation from Mitch Panter

We hope that you will use this for your education and we look forward to having you come back here and tell us about your successes.

Scholarship Recipient Acceptance Speech

I’m really glad to be here and first of all I have to say a big thank you to my teachers and authority figures. Mr. Nuremburg, one of my mentors, I get to speak to him before classes and talk about life. Ms. Evac helped me with the essay I am going to present to you today. Initially the paper sounded angry and aggressive and it went through multiple drafts.

Panter Panter and Sampedro and Pinecrest Business Association Annual High School Scholarship Winners

Those of you that have been here before has had the opportunity to see our first recipient Yang Yang Yu plans to be a surgeon. Lucy Lee is in her second year of medical school and plans to be an aneasthesiologist. Chris Fisk is in his third year at Georgetown and plans to be President of the United States. George Liu is our last winner and he’s at Columbia. These are all young lives we have made a difference in.

Winner of the 2016 PPS and PBA Annual High School Scholarship

Those of you might know that a 4.0 is the highest GPA you can get, this student has a 5.4. She currently works with part of our membership with Math Monkey tutoring. She also works with one of our dear members Toby Rose. She’s involved in numerous honor society as well as debate. She taught english to young students in China and an AP scholar with distincition. She’s now in 12th grade but she’s come such a long way, but with our guidance, leadership, and help I feel she will acheive even more.

OBYFA Park of The Week Suniland Park August 26, 2017

This is Mitchell Panter with the law firm of Panter, Panter & Sampedro. I’m out here at Suniland Park with the Orange Bowl Youth Football League. We’re proud sponsors of the Orange Bowl Youth Football League and have been for many years. It gives us an opportunity to get involved in the community, to help the community. We support the teams, we support the cheerleaders. It’s a great event and I encourage everyone to come out and see it and support the Orange Bowl Youth Football League. Have a great day!