Are generic drugs likely to cause more side effects than brand name drugs?

Generic brands shouldn’t cause more side effects than the name brand drugs, they should cost you less money. So that should not be an issue in most cases.

Once the FDA approves a drug, does this mean that the product is perfectly safe?

The FDA’s approval of a drug doesn’t mean the product is perfectly safe. It creates a higher burden for your lawyer to prove something is wrong with the product, but it doesn’t give you a guarantee.

What should I do if I have a drug product that has been recalled?

If you have a drug product that’s been recalled you should send it back to the manufacturer. Hopefully you haven’t taken any, if you haven’t the chances are if you return it to the manufacturer, or even to your drug store, most likely you’ll get your money back and you’ll suffer no harm.

The Potential Dangers of Taking Zofran While Pregnant.

Warning! Women who took the medication known as Zofran during their first trimester to treat morning sickness, and it’s symptoms of nausea and vomitting, may be at risk to having children with birth defects. Medical studies have linked Zofran to birth defects such as cleft palette, cleft lip, and heart defects. If you or someone you know took Zofran and gave birth to a child with these birth defects, please contact Panter, Panter, and Samperdo. You may be entitled to compensation for you and your baby.