Miami Civil Lawyers with Experience in First Party Insurance Claims.

All of the partners at Panter, Panter, and Sampedro are board certified civil trial lawyers. This means we are specialists indicated by the Florida bar in the area of civil trial law and litigation. Insurance adjusters have difficulty sometimes dealing with the insurance companies, the legislature has made it more difficult, to process claims on the behalf of your client. There are times that the claims just come to stand still and you realize that sometimes in order for your clients to get anywhere they need to hire an attorney. Clients will ask you for names of attorneys who specialize in this area. You can be confident if you refer your clients to our firm that they’ll be handled by experts in civil law and familiar with civil procedure as well as first party insurance claims. Cases have to pushed through the trial system as quickly as possible so that insurance companies do the right thing and pay for the claims they’re supposed to.

Legal Assistance with Your Homeowners Insurance Claims

If you have experienced damage to your home or property as the result of a storm, water, or fire, call the law firm of Panter, Panter, and Sampedro to assist you in your claim. Contact us before your insurance company. PPS can fight for your benefits to rebuild your home, repair or replace your damaged or lost property, or provide you with living expenses while you’re undergoing repairs. Let PPS fight for you to obtain your benefits that you’re entitled to receive from your insurance company. PPS is a law firm deticated to protecting south Florida’s families.