Whether the city, state or federal government wrongs you, the law dealing with these types of claims is unique and distinct from general liability claims.

County hospitals, municipal facilities, state roads, sidewalks and public parks are just a few of the potential parties involved in these types of cases.

Generally speaking, there are certain limitations when pursuing a claim against the city, state or another government municipality. Certain time restrictions and legal technicalities must be followed to properly prosecute a claim against the government. If these rules are not properly followed, you may lose your right to bring a cause of action.

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Cases we have handled involved metropolitan Dade County, the city of Key West, the Florida Department of Corrections and the state of Florida. Cases have ranged from negligent maintenance and operation of government vehicles and negligent maintenance of government facilities to medical malpractice committed at a state and/or county-owned and -operated hospital and claims for inmates at correctional facilities for negligence inside a correctional institution.

In one case, a client was seriously injured when correctional officers admittedly failed to follow proper procedures, resulting in a dangerous inmate stabbing a nonviolent inmate. The resolution of the matter resulted in a financial recovery as well as payment of substantial medical bills.

In other cases, Panter, Panter & Sampedro, P.A., has alleged negligent maintenance of government facilities, resulting in injuries to a client, and negligent operation of county vehicles, including buses, causing serious accidents and injuries. When indigent individuals are treated at a county hospital, certain rules and regulations must be followed to effectively represent those in most need. At times, it is necessary to seek additional compensation under the law as the facts and circumstances warrant to maximize the recovery available within the limits set forth by Florida’s Legislature.

Children in schools have a right to be safe and secure. This is not an easy task these days. Panter, Panter & Sampedro, P.A., has represented several families whose children have been physically abused by other students at school. School boards have a responsibility not only to educate our children, but also to provide them with a safe environment where they can learn. When a school board fails to ensure the safety of children, it may become necessary to seek compensation and ensure that children’s families recover the necessary compensation to care for them.

Taking Action

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