Partners Brett A. Panter And Mitchell Panter Educate Legal Professionals On Medical Malpractice In A Law Review CLE Miami Seminar

Partners Brett A. Panter And Mitchell Panter Educate Legal Professionals On Medical Malpractice In A Law Review CLE Miami Seminar

Partners Brett A. Panter and Mitchell Panter were the featured speakers at LawReviewCle’s live seminar, “Medical Malpractice 101: Overview of Medical Liability Cases,” on December 6, 2012 in Coral Gables, FL. Speaking at this seminar is an honor for Panter, Panter & Sampedro, P.A.’s partners. Only top attorneys who are specialists in their areas of practice are invited to speak at these instructive seminars. Participation in this Florida Bar-approved course is also a way for our partners, who are passionate about their own careers and also about helping people, to contribute to the community.Medical malpractice cases are extremely complex. Seminar attendees benefitted from the partners’ experience and deep knowledge of Florida’s personal injury law. This seminar was designed in a “how-to” format in which our partners were able to share their rich experience with local law practices. Mr. Brett Panter gave the attendees real-life examples from one of his most recent medical malpractice cases, including cross-examination points and usage of medical animations in the court room. Mr. Mitchell Panter gave many pointers on the business of these complex medical malpractice claims.The seminar walked participants through the medical malpractice case process starting with the initial call with a potential client and determining whether to pursue or reject a case. The course covered the anatomy of trials as well including jury selection to summation; how to identify the appropriate standard of care; preparing case pre-suit and pre-trial; finding quality expert witnesses; and how to cross-examine physician defendants and experts at deposition and trial.

After the seminar, one of the attendees emailed the firm with the following message:

“It was a pleasure meeting both of you yesterday at the Med-Mal seminar. As a new attorney I found the discussion to be invaluably helpful. In fact, because of some of the case review strategy you both lectured on yesterday, as soon as I returned to my office, I was able to make a decision on a case intake that would have taken hours longer if I had reviewed the same case on Wednesday. If you have some kind of e-mail blast that you send out in advance of other lectures you will be offering in the future, I would love it if you could place me on the list. I believe one of you also mentioned that you would be willing to share your model decline letter and example Reply to Affirmative Defenses. It would be extremely useful for me if you could share those documents with me.”

G. Schosheim

Mr. Brett Panter and Mr. Mitchell Panter were honored to be a part of an educational event that will help legal professionals better work with medical malpractice cases. Panter, Panter & Sampedro, P.A. is committed to helping the community and the parties they represent through ongoing education.