Ode To Brett Panter

Ode To Brett Panter

By friend and colleague, Barry Stein, July 27, 20101959 was the year of his entry into this world, from New Jersey, through Ann Arbor to Miami his path has unfurled.Studious, determined and aggressive are among the many assets he possesses,

Whoa be the target tort feasor who transgresses.

Tenacious, well prepared, accomplished and seasoned is what they will find,

And courtroom ownership is his with all these attributes combined.

He is an instrument rated pilot and owns his own plane, and yet he is

As grounded and humble and seems to hold no disdain.

He is well respected and admired and liked by his peers, both friends and foe,

Hard not to respect his work when you have battled him toe to toe.

With David and his brother and partner, Mitch, they combine to create the ultimate legal law firm sandwich.

From TV advertising, to pilot spiced DVD’s to a Referral Network, including all of you,

He is creative and has no fears of trying something new.

With Wendy and the kids, who seem to pop out nonstop,

As a Dad and Husband he truly rises to the top.

In addition to his acrobatics in the air,

Tennis and fishing fill up any time that is spare.

I am honored to call him my friend,

For him that word has just a beginning and absolutely no end.

There is no one truer or more loyal that I have ever met,

I will forever and always be in his continuing debt.

For anyone wanting a Personal Injury and Medical Malpractice top gun?

Then Brett Panter is surely the only One!