Florida’s Justice Teaching Program Receives National Recognition Due To Volunteers Like Mitchell Panter

Florida’s Justice Teaching Program Receives National Recognition Due To Volunteers Like Mitchell Panter

The law firm of Panter, Panter & Sampedro, P.A. is dedicated to community outreach and supporting students. Through scholarships, sponsorships and volunteer projects, the Firm actively seeks out opportunities to better the community and the lives of individuals.One such program is Florida’s Justice Teaching program, which has the goal of pairing a legal professional with every elementary, middle, and high school in the state of Florida in an effort to help students understand Florida’s justice system and its laws, among other legal-related topics.Recently, Mitchell Panter, co-founder of Panter, Panter, & Sampedro, P.A., participated in the program when he visited Killian High School in Miami-Dade County for a day. Panter spoke with students on issues such as the C onstitution, being a lawyer, community service, and individual responsibility.

“The students were eager to learn, appreciative of our involvement and hopefully they will gain some insight into community involvement,” says Panter. “This program helps develop young students into community minded individuals who will hopefully continue the cycle into the future.”

On January 9, the National Center for State Courts named a recipient of the Sandra Day O’Connor Award for the Advancement of Civic Education. Florida Supreme Court Justice R. Fred Lewis and Ms. Annette Boyd Pitts were presented the award for their work on Florida Justice Teaching program and other civic education programs.

A representative from Justice Teaching released the following statement to its volunteers:

The award is based upon the work of Justice Teaching and its significant accomplishments in bringing civic education to every public school in Florida as well as hundreds of private schools. Justice Lewis has stated that this is a wonderful tribute to the lawyers, judges, and teachers of Florida who have worked to make Justice Teaching so successful.

You should take pride in this national award because it is the volunteers who dedicate time and effort to visit schools and bring Justice Teaching to Florida’s children. This award is your award. Justice Teaching would never have received this award without the hard work of all of you who have volunteered. Justice Lewis thanks you from the bottom of his heart for your support of Justice Teaching. Because of you, this partnership between members of the legal profession and teachers has received national recognition!

For more information on the Justice Teaching program visit, http://www.justiceteaching.org/. For additional information on Panter, Panter & Sampedro P.A.’s community involvement visit, http://www.panterlaw.com/News-Resources/Community-Events/.