Boy Regaining Use Of His Legs

Boy Regaining Use Of His Legs

Boy regaining use of his legs

Teen hurt in pool is going home

On Aug 3, Jason Ford was pulled from a Miami Beach swimming pool with virtually no pulse.

On Aug 9, Ford a 16-year-old bowler from Bermuda underwent neck surgery at Jackson Memorial Hospital with only a glimmer of hope that he would move his legs again.

On Dec 3 with the help of crutches, Ford will walk to an Eastern Airlines plane and head home.

On July 28, he hopes to return to Miami to once again bowl in the Lee Evans Tournament of the Americas at cloverleaf Lanes.

“My prayers have been – answered,” said Lynn Ford who has been at her sons bedside for more than 15 weeks “From the time of the accident he never doubted himself. When I would try, he would tell me Don’t worry, Mom I’m going to walk again.

“It’s a miracle.”

Lynn Ford credits Jackson Memorial Hospital and Dr Barth Green for helping Jason recover.

“They have been miracle workers,” she said. “In my mind and heart, Dr. Green rates right next to God.”

Two weeks ago, Jason put in a call to Argentina to speak to the junior bowler Christian St. Bonnet, who pulled him from the pool after the diving accident.

Christian was so excited he just kept asking, ‘Is it true, are you really going to walk again?’ Jason said he not only was going to walk he was going to try to beat Christian next year in the Tournament of the Americas,” Lynn Ford said.

Thursday, they will celebrate a special Thanksgiving in the rehabilitation center at Jackson Memorial.