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5 Automotive Recalls Issued in October 2016

Automotive recalls are not uncommon. Mass production of any product makes it susceptible to mistakes. Vehicles in particular contain an extensive amount of mechanics and electronics that can include faulty parts or function defects. In October there were nearly 50 vehicle recalls issued due to such matters as brake issues, fuel leaks, air bags, and even loose sunroofs that could fall into traffic.

Here is a roundup of some of the major automotive recalls in October 2016:

Amusement park tragedy in Australia raises concern

A harrowing amusement park accident at Australia's Dreamworld this week reminds us of the dangers inherent everywhere. Inspections are regular at amusement parks to guarantee safety and most assume that, if something did run amiss, it would be the speeding rollercoasters and gravity defying rides.

In Australia, it was a malfunction of Thunder River Rapids, one of the park's tamest attractions, where four park visitors died in a horrific accident. It's humbling news that makes everyone think twice about the risks of amusement park rides, even the seemingly benign ones.

Why are Traffic Fatalities on the Rise?

In an unfortunate trend, traffic fatalities are once again on the rise. A recent report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) found that 17,775 people died from motor vehicle traffic crashes from January through June of 2016. This is 10.4 percent more than the same period in 2015.

The NHTSA report also noted that the "second quarter of 2016 represented the seventh consecutive quarter with increases in fatalities as compared to the corresponding quarters in previous years." What's behind the rise in fatalities? It could have something to do with the number of miles traveled, which were estimated to be 3.3 percent more during the first half of 2016 when compared with the same time period a year ago.

5 Things to Know About No Fault and Property Damage Insurance After a Car Crash in Florida

The Florida Department of Motor Vehicles estimates that there are 200,000 car accidents in Florida each year. Florida requires that all motorists have a minimum type of insurance called personal injury protection or PIP. This type of auto insurance is also sometimes called no-fault insurance. The second type of insurance that is required is called property damage insurance. Both of these types of auto insurance offer specific protections for the person who is insured in the event of an auto accident.

New Ruling Bans Pre-Dispute Arbitration Agreements for Nursing Homes that Accept Medicare or Medicaid Funding

Until recently, a claim against a nursing home for abuse, neglect, serious injury or death would most likely be forced into arbitration. Many nursing homes request or require incoming residents to sign an arbitration agreement prior to admission. Once signed, the resident's right to a trial before a judge or jury is waived. In September, however, that all changed.

Help your child avoid injury this Halloween

As October kicks off, kids and parents alike are beginning to plan for Halloween: costumes, trick-or-treating routes. But no one plans on their child being injured by a driver during the holiday. According to Safe Kids Worldwide, twice as many child pedestrians are killed while on the streets during Halloween than on any other day all year. And 12 percent of children 5 or younger are permitted to trick-or-treat alone!

In 2015, there were an estimated 41 million trick-or-treaters out during Halloween night. Whether your child is planning on going out with you or friends, or you're a homeowner or driver that wants to do your part in keeping Halloween safe, there are many safety issues to be aware of.

3 Potential Dangers of Self-Driving Cars

Inventors are always looking for ways for technology to make our lives a little easier. Imagine sitting in a traffic jam or on a long road trip and being able to catch up on work, watch a movie or take a nap while your car does all the driving for you. That's the direction we seem to be moving in with the introduction of the self-driving car.

While we know that technology isn't perfect, we also know that new technology in particular seems to come with its own set of issues and a serious learning curve. Such is the case with the death of the driver of an autonomous Tesla vehicle that was killed after the car's autopilot system didn't recognize the white side of a tractor-trailer.

Study finds Pit Bulls less aggressive than Chihuahuas

Believe it or not, the often feared American Pit Bull Terrier has been rated as less aggressive than the tiny Chihuahua in a study by Dognition. Chihuahuas were the most aggressive dog, while Pit Bulls ranked toward the bottom of the 35-breed list.

"Seldom aggressive" dogs

In the study conducted by Dognition, pet owners were asked how aggressive their dog is in a variety of situations. More than 4,000 people with dogs responded, noting their dog's reactions in situations like new or familiar children and adults and when they encounter another dog that is new, familiar, bigger or smaller.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Recall Focuses on Safety of the Lithium Ion Battery

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is getting a lot of media attention recently and it's not because of a sleek new design or technology upgrades. The phone is being recalled due to a fire hazard caused by the lithium ion battery severely overheating and catching fire.

Battling the Risk of a Lithium Ion Battery Fire in Samsung Galaxy Note 7

To date, Samsung has received 35 complaints related to the issue with the battery. For example, in one instance in Florida a family reported that the Galaxy Note 7 exploded thus setting their car on fire. As a result of claims such as this one, owners of the device have been asked to power them down and to not use or charge them.

How Common are Construction Accidents and Fatalities?


Working in the construction industry opens an individual up to many potential injuries. Construction workers are often using heavy equipment, working more than twenty feet off the ground, or working with or near high voltage machinery. Danger is ever-present. But, just how prevalent are construction accidents? According to OSHA, there were 899 fatal construction incidents in 2014. Those fatalities accounted for 17 percent of all U.S. work-related deaths that year.

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