Florida Law only requires that drivers have a bare minimum coverage of $10,000.00 for Personal Injury Protection and $10,000.00 for Property Damage Coverage. Bodily Injury Coverage, Medical Payments Coverage, Comprehensive and Collision Coverage and Uninsured Motorist Coverage is not required. Personal Injury Protection Deductibles may be up to $2,000.00.

According to many insurance agents “full coverage” is the bare minimum required by law. However, the bare minimum required by law may not be enough coverage if you or your loved ones are involved in a serious accident.

Personal Injury Protection means that your insurance company will pay for 80% of your medical expenses and 60% of lost wages when you are involved in an accident, less any deductible, up to a maximum payout of $10,000.00.

Property Damage means that your insurance company will pay for property (automobiles, homes or other structures) that you damage up to the maximum amount of $10,000.00.

The above coverages are all that is required by Florida Law. However, Bodily Injury Coverage will provide you with insurance if you injure someone else. Without this coverage, you will be personally liable for any such damage. Medical Payments Coverage serves as a supplement to your Personal Injury Protection and will pay the difference that is not paid by PIP because of the deductible and/or the 20% not paid by PIP. Comprehensive and Collision will pay for your property damage (your car) if your car is stolen or damaged through your fault or the fault of another. Finally, Uninsured Motorist Coverage will provide you with benefits if you are injured by another driver who does not have any insurance or is underinsured.

Contact your insurance agent immediately to determine the type of coverage that you presently have and the type of coverage that best suits your needs.