Belizaire v. Dervan Cartage Service; Inc., Fla, Dade County Circuit Court, No. 86-53708, May 14, 1987

Belizaire, 26, and Jean, 24, were passengers in a car driven by William, 29. As their car went through an intersection with a blinking yellow light, a tractor-trailer driven by Currie came through a blinking red light from the right and hit their car broadside. Belizaire sustained closed head trauma and is presently incompetent. Jean died at the scene of the accident. He is survived by his parents and three sisters; Williams sustained partial right side paralysis; All three were factory laborers who had earned $16,000 annually.

Suits by all three plaintiffs against Curie and Currie’s employer trucking company claimed that the driver negligently went through the intersection.

The parties settled the cases for $985,000; Belizaire received $620,000, Jean’s estate $150,000, and William $215,000.

Plaintiffs’ Counsel:

  • Brett Alan Panter,
  • William E. Floss, and
  • Peter A. Miller, all of Miami, Fla.