Elevator accident brings $313,202 award

A North Miami man was awarded $313,202 Wednesday in compensation for an elevator accident in 1989, his attorney said.

A Dade County jury found Otis Elevator Co., 1151 NW 159th Dr., negligent and ordered it to pay William and Sylvia Berman for pain and suffering and other medical expenses related to a shoulder injury William Berman suffered.

Berman, 75, tore a rotator cuff when he fell from an eleva-tor at North Miami’s Tropicana Apartments West, 1805 Sans Souci Blvd.. The elevator stopped about one foot above the ground on the first floor, causing Berman to fall when he stepped out; said his attorney, Mitchell Panter.

“He fell down and landed on his shoulder,” Panter said. “Now he wears a sling and sloth, a device that straps his ann to his body. The argument I used is that he is a prisoner to his own body.”