10 Product and Food Recalls from September 2017

Product and Food Recalls from September 2017Each month, products are recalled due to the fact that the manufacturer believes that these items may cause harm, injury, or death to consumers who have purchased and plan to use or eat them. It’s always important that consumers pay attention to product recalls to ensure the safety of themselves and their families.

Here is a list of 10 product and food recalls from September 2017:

  1. Hallmark Plus Baby Stacking Toys. The fabric hats and bows on these toys can detach and pose a choking hazard for children. Stop using this item and take it away from your kids. Contact Hallmark for a prepaid shipping label for return, and also receive a $40 Hallmark gift card. 1-800-425-5627
  2. Belmont Sausage Co. Smoked Turkey Drumsticks Product. This product is being recalled for misbranding and undeclared allergens. Produced from September 27, 2015-September 27, 2017, these drumsticks are under the label, “Wolverine Packing Co. Complete Solutions Smoked Turkey Drumsticks.” Throw away this item, or return it to where you purchased it.
  3. Target Room Essentials Four-Drawer Dressers. These dressers are unstable if not attached to the wall and can tip over and cause an entrapment hazard to children. Return the item to Target for a full refund.
  4. Ameriwood Chest of Drawers. These chests are also unstable if not anchored to the wall. They can tip over and cause injury or death to children. Stop using them and contact Ameriwood for a free repair kit. 1-888-222-7460
  5. Death Wish Coffee “Nitro Cold Brew.” This cold brew coffee manufacturer may have allowed deadly botulin toxin to develop in the product. Anyone who has consumed the coffee should monitor themselves for symptoms of botulism. Symptoms may not develop for up to 10 days after consumption. Do not consume the product if you have purchased it.
  6. Kawasaki Brute Force 300 All-Terrain Vehicles. The fuel tap or carburetor can leak fuel posing a fire hazard. Stop using the ATVs and contact Kawasaki for a free repair kit. 1-866-802-9381
  7. Skip Hop Nightlight Soothers. The USB wall power adaptor can break posing an electrical shock hazard. Contact Skip Hop for instructions on returning the item or a repair kit. 1-888-282-4674
  8. DICK’S Sporting Goods Resistance Tubes. These exercise bands can break during use and cause injury. Stop using them and return to DICK’S. 1-877-846-9997
  9. Delta Strollers. These strollers pose a fall hazard due to a faulty leg bracket that can break and cause the infant inside to fall from the stroller. Stop using this item and contact Delta for a free repair kit. 1-800-377-3777
  10. John Deere Lawn Tractors and Service Part Transmissions. The transmission on these tractors can fail, which poses a crash hazard. Stop using the tractor and contact John Deere dealer for a free repair.

It’s extremely important to pay attention to these recalls as they happen, especially when recalled items could cause harm to children who may not understand the implications of using a faulty toy item.

If you feel that a defective item has adversely affected you or a family member, you should contact an experienced product liability attorney. Even if a product was recalled, manufacturers may be held responsible for serious injury or wrongful death.



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