4 Auto Recalls From April That You Need to Know About


April is distracted driving month, but keeping distractions at bay while driving isn’t the only way to ensure safety on our roads and highways. Removing unsafe vehicles from our roads and making critical repairs is equally important.

The month of April had its fair share of auto recalls. Among them are another Takata air bag recall, GM seatbelt recall, Tesla seat recall, and the Bugatti Veyron recalls.


You’ve probably heard about the Takata air bag recall. It may not come as a surprise then that the automotive world is buzzing about the massive airbag recall spanning over approximately 34 million vehicles in the U.S. and almost two dozen brands. To date, there have been 10 total deaths due to the defective airbags. To find out if your vehicle is affected go to http://safercar.gov and enter your VIN number.


General Motors recalled over one million 2014-15 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra pickup trucks due to a steel cable connecting the seatbelt to the vehicle that could separate over time. In other words, the seatbelt may not hold up if an accident were to occur. So far no injuries or deaths have been reported. Regardless, contact your GM dealer if you have one of these vehicles to make sure you and your family are not at risk.


Tesla Motors recalled 2,666 2016 Model X SUVs for faulty third-row seat backs that don’t remain in position and could result in injury during an accident. The condition is not in compliance with federal safety standards. Be sure to call your Tesla dealer immediately if you have purchased one of these model SUVs and get the third row seat replaced free of charge.


Even high-end luxury vehicles are subject to recalls. Not one, not two, but three recalls were listed for the Bugatti Veyron this past month. The first recall is due to the fuel gauge that shows there is more gas in the tank than there actually is. The second recall is regarding the battery cable and connection to the alternator which can corrode and cause the cable to overheat. The third recall is for the aluminum plates under the vehicle can corrode and possibly detach from the car. If this occurs while driving, it could be hazardous for the driver or other drivers on the road. If you have a Bugatti Veyron model between 2006-2010, you should contact your dealer to find out if yours is affected.

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