Florida roads are often full of traffic at all hours. Of course, it is each driver’s obligation to act with caution behind the wheel in order to keep all who share the road as safe as possible. When a motorist chooses to consume alcohol before driving, the risk of an accident is substantially increased. Accidents that occur under such circumstances often result in personal injury or, in the worst cases, the deaths of innocent victims.

On a recent Sunday morning, an employee of a local bar apparently followed a man who had just been inside the bar, allegedly wanting a drink. The bar was about to close at the time; so, the potential customer left the premises. A server, who had also just left the bar was reportedly driving behind the man as he went across a bridge.

The server telephoned police, who eventually stopped the man, saying he seemed highly intoxicated. Witnesses later reported that he had struck another man on a motor scooter a short time earlier and had fled the scene. The man was placed under arrest and has been charged with DUI manslaughter because the motor scooter operator died in the reported collision.

In a situation in which a motorist suffers personal injury at the hands of a drunk driver in Florida, the law allows a legal claim to be filed against the party deemed negligent in order for the injured victim to seek compensation for all damages sustained. When a victim does not survive an accident, an immediate family member may take similar legal action on behalf of the decedent. To seek clarification of the laws that govern such matters, or obtain further information about how to file a claim, one can find the legal help one needs by contacting an experienced attorney in the area to arrange a meeting.


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