Florida roads are busy thoroughfares that include tourists, residents and business travelers on a daily basis. Accidents often occur that result in personal injury to one or more persons. When a large commercial vehicle is involved, the impact of a crash may be quite severe.

At least 11 vehicles were involved in a recent chain-reaction accident that appears to have been caused by the driver of a city dump truck. Police say the truck rammed into the back end of a taxi cab. A woman riding in the rear passenger seat of the cab was killed in the collision.

The impact of the first collision seems to have set off a chain-reaction that resulted in multiple other vehicles crashing, injuring seven other people. Four of those who were taken to an area trauma center with injuries were listed in serious condition. The incident was said to have been captured on film through a video from a local liquor store.

A worker from a nearby gas station said that the colliding vehicles sounded like a massive bomb exploding. A Florida police officer who responded to the tragic scene said that the taxi cab had burst into flames. The surrounding areas were closed to travelers for many hours after the accident. The Miami City Manager sent a public message of condolence to all who were injured and the families who have been devastated by the events. In the aftermaths of similar accidents, victims — including the surviving families of deceased victims — have often filed personal injury or wrongful death claims against the party or parties deemed responsible in order to seek full recovery for their losses.


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