Slip-and-fall accidents are only 1 type of premises liability

There are several different types of accidents that are considered premises liability cases. Slip-and-fall accidents are one of the possible accident types that can be considered a premises liability case; however, other cases, like those involving swimming pool accidents or explosions, can also be considered premises liability cases. If you have been injured on another person’s property and decide that you want to seek compensation, we can help you — from the initial investigation until the resolution of your claim.

As always during a Miami summer, swimming pools are going to be very busy. It is crucial that the swimming pool owners make sure that everything is safe for guests. This can include making sure that the surface around the pool is in good condition. It also includes making sure that all components of the pool are in good working order. When components fail, there is a chance that visitors to the pool will be injured.

There have been instances in which electrical components of swimming pools have malfunctioned and caused the pool water to become energized. In other cases, insufficient warnings about water depth have led to diving accidents. In these cases, it must be determined if the pool owner or another person was the negligent party.

Summer beach seasons often involve fireworks. In inexperienced hands, explosions and fires can result from fireworks. Those who are injured may opt to seek compensation. We can help you to determine the cause of the accident to better determine liability for your injuries, time spent off of work and the other losses you suffered.