Unique risks occur during wind turbine construction

The installation of wind turbines to produce energy is a step that many people are pushing for so that energy can be harvested from the plentiful winds. Some people don’t realize just how complex and dangerous the installtion of a wind turbine can be for the construction professionals who must complete the job. Large machinery, heavy components, and the sheer height of these turbines can all pose dangers during the installation. When you add in factors of nature, things get even more hazardous.

When installing a wind turbine, the people who are handling the planning and compliance with regulations must ensure that a hazard analysis is completed before each shift. This includes ensuring that the crane and other equipment used in the installation is assembled properly and in good working order. It also includes checking factors like wind speeds and direction to determine if these factors will affect the installation.

Generally, wind turbines require components that weigh more than 90 tons to be lifted to heights that can rise above 300 feet. At that height, the wind speeds and directions play a crucial role because high-speed winds or whipping winds that are changing directions can affect the crane. It is best to monitor wind speeds at the job site via that anemometer on the boom tip.

Workers who are involved in an accident during the installation of wind turbines can suffer serious injuries. They should work to learn their options for seeking compensation for medical bills and lost wages in Miami. This can help them to decide how they feel comfortable making their claims.

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