Ravens player who suffered personal injury has died

Motor vehicle accidents occur on Florida roadways every single day. Some are minor, with those involved walking away unscathed. Others, however, result in serious personal injuryto one or more persons; in worst case scenarios, victims succumb to their injuries. Many times, such accidents lead to legal claims being filed against those who are deemed responsible in order to seek recovery for losses sustained. A recent collision involved an NFL football player, Tray Walker.

The Ravens cornerback was apparently riding a motorbike when the terrible accident took place. Another vehicle on the road collided with his vehicle. Walker was rushed to a nearby hospital for emergency care.

A 62-year-old woman was apparently behind the wheel of the other vehicle involved in the crash. Walker was initially listed in critical condition in reports given immediately following the accident. Sadly, he was later reported to have died. In this particular case, no charges have yet been filed.

When a Florida motorist suffers personal injury and dies because of another motorist’s negligence, an attorney can assist the victim’s family in filing a legal claim in civil court. Compensation awarded by the court in a successful case can help a grieving family meet the often exorbitant costs of medical care and other expenses associated with an accident. Other damages often sought also include loss of potential earnings and the cost of a funeral and burial. An attorney can assess an individual situation and provide information regarding the maximum amount of compensation that an immediate family member may be entitled to claim.


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