Defective products may pose danger to airplane passengers

Consumers in Florida and all other states typically understand that there is a certain amount of personal responsibility involved in using store-brought products. One must carefully read all instructions and make every effort to use a product accordingly, and in the manner in which normal use of the product is intended. However, the law protects consumers who suffer personal injury or become ill when defective products cause them harm.

A recent incident occurred during an airplane flight that placed all passengers in danger. The situation involved an iPhone that burst into flames for no apparent reason. The woman holding the phone at the time thought the entire plane was on fire and told reporters later that she thought they were going to crash.

At some point, the woman realized it was her own cell phone that was shooting flames approximately eight inches high. The phone flipped out of her hand and onto the floor, landing underneath another passenger’s seat with the flames growing higher. The Federal Aviation Administration has launched an investigation regarding the incident.

This is apparently not the first report of iPhones igniting in flames. Another airline passenger has said that his phone also started glowing and emitting smoke during a flight. Still another man claims that his Samsung Galaxy S4 phone ignited and caused his whole house to burn down. Anyone in Florida who feels they have suffered injury or property damage due to defective products is able to pursue a legal claim in civil court against the manufacturer and/or other parties within the supply chain to the consumer., “iPhone bursts into flames on flight, owner thought plane would crash“, Chris Matyszczyk, March 20, 2016