2 seriously hurt in collision near high school

When you have children, you know that they are usually safe at school. Leaving and going to school are the times when your child is at the highest risk, because that’s when traffic is increased. Most children cross in crosswalks, and drivers tend to be careful since they’re picking up their own kids or see many children in the area. Thanks to crosswalks and school zone speed limits, accidents involving children should be few and far between.

These accidents aren’t rare, though, and they still happen. In this case out of Florida, two boys were seriously hurt in a collision that likely could have been avoided. On March 11, the report about two children being struck by a truck as they crossed in a marked crosswalk was released. According to the story, they were hit by a pickup truck as it was leaving and turning left out of the Merritt Island High School.

The two children were reportedly crossing at North Courtenay Parkway and Grove Boulevard when they were hit at around 3:45 p.m by the truck. The 2014 Chevrolet Silverado collided with them, and the 37-year-old driver continued to press on the acceleration in what police called a “state of panic.” That resulted in the vehicle not only hitting the children, but also running them and their bikes over.

Both children had to be taken to Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children in serious condition by helicopter. Both boys are now reportedly stable. The police have said that the crash is still under investigation and hasn’t said if any charges will be placed against the driver.

Source: Florida Today, “Twins struck by truck on Merritt Island listed as stable,” Chris Bonanno, March 11, 2016