Woman wants hospital held accountable for premises liability

Not all injuries that occur at Florida hospitals happen to patients. Sometimes, those who are visiting patients become involved in accidents that result in personal injury. When such accidents are determined to have been caused by some sort of negligence, a hospital may be held accountable for a premises liability, depending on the circumstances.

In a recent incident, a woman arrived at the hospital as a visitor. Before entering the building, however, she apparently suffered a fall on the sidewalk outside. Reportedly, she slipped and the resulting fall caused her to suffer severe and permanent injuries.

The woman claims that the hospital should be held liable for failing to properly maintain the sidewalk to ensure visitors’ safety. In the legal claim she has filed against the hospital, she states that the hospital was neglectful in its duty to maintain a public walk area. The claim further states that due to this act of negligence, the hospital should be held responsible for damages.

The woman in the above-mentioned case is seeking a jury trial against the hospital. The amount of damages for which she is seeking compensation remains to be determined. Anyone in Florida who has had a similar experience and believes a premises liability exists can contact a personal injury attorney in the area to discuss the situation. An experienced attorney can investigate the details of a claim and help an injured victim assess all available options to seek the maximum amount of compensation possible in court. A monetary award in a successful claim can help pay medical bills and replace lost wages.

Sourcewvrecord.com, “Woman accuses Montgomery General Hospital of negligence in fall“, Robert Hadley, March 9, 2016