Jeeps said to be defective products, investigation requested

Millions of products are purchased in Florida and throughout the nation each year. From household items to motor vehicles, consumers use manufactured products in a variety of ways on a daily basis. Defective products continue to be problematic in many situations and some whose lives have been devastated have filed legal claims against those believed responsible for deaths that have occurred.

The Fiat Chrysler company is at the center of a controversy regarding certain models of its Jeeps that reportedly have the propensity to catch fire in rear-end collisions. Three years ago, more than one million Jeeps were recalled and the company reportedly ordered repairs. Apparently, a trailer hitch was installed to protect the plastic gasoline tanks located near the rear axles of the vehicles. A safety advocate recently requested that the government open a new investigation, claiming the repairs were not effective and deaths continue to occur.

One man has filed a civil lawsuit after both his parents were killed in a rear-end Fiat Chrysler jeep collision in Pennsylvania. He said that the company never informed his mother and father that their vehicle had been recalled. A similar lawsuit in another state led to the judge awarding $40 million to a family whose 4-year-old died in a Grand Cherokee jeep fire.

The serious injuries and deaths often caused by defective products can bring devastation and serious legal challenges to those involved. Florida law protects surviving victims, as well as the families of those who have died, by allowing product liability claims to be filed in civil court. Successfully litigated claims can lead to compensation for damages that can help offset any financial debts that have arisen because of product-related accidents., “Safety advocate asks gov’t to reopen Jeep fire investigation”, Tom Krisher, Feb. 22, 2016