You can seek compensation after a severe truck accident

As a victim of a truck accident, it’s likely that you want answers. You want to know why a driver didn’t see you; you deserve to know if the driver was intoxicated or disobeying the rules of the road.

According to research from the International Journal of Injury Control and Safety Promotion, trucks are the cause of around 8 percent of all highway traffic accidents in the United States, but they make up a higher percentage of fatal crashes — 11 percent. Did you know that when more large trucks and fewer small vehicles are on the road, the risk of a severe collision increases? An increase of even 1 percent of truck volume can lead to disproportionate increases in the severe crash potential.

When you’re on the roads, being aware around trucks is vital. Truckers have restricted vision, and when severe weather strikes, these multi-unit vehicles could also jackknife, hitting any vehicles that are in the way or blocking the road if they spin.

In a truck accident, you’re more likely to be injured or killed because of the disproportionate weight and height of the truck compared to your smaller passenger vehicle. Large trucks may have bumpers above yours, meaning an impact could hit above the protective feature. These big rigs are also massive and have the ability to crush smaller vehicles in an accident.

Our website has more information on truck accidents and the steps to take if you have been hurt. You’re a victim in this situation and deserve to be compensated for the losses and injuries you suffered..