Adoptive parents file medical malpractice claim on behalf of son

In Florida and all other states, anyone who undergoes care at a hospital may reasonably expect that all protocol will be followed in order to provide the safest and best care possible. When staff members perform their duties at substandard levels, the results can be devastating. When a child of minor age is injured due to medical malpractice, a parent or legal guardian may seek justice in court.

The child, now three, reportedly needs life-long medical care and living assistance due to brain injuries and other physical conditions that his adoptive parents say were caused by medical negligence. His birth mother apparently tested positive for illegal drugs when the child was born in December 2012. The infant was transferred to another hospital, and an order was issued by a county child protection team for the hospital to hold the child and not release him to his biological parents.

A nurse practitioner and several hospital social workers were allegedly negligent when they allowed the baby’s biological parents to take him home from the hospital against the protection order. Sadly, he appears to have suffered grave neglect and abuse while in the care of his natural parents. In May 2012, he was allegedly brought back to the hospital by the biological parents with a brain severely swollen due to severe malnutrition.

The child will most likely never walk because of lower limb paralysis and permanent brain damage. His adoptive parents are suing those believed responsible for medical malpractice when he was inappropriately discharged from the hospital shortly after birth. They are seeking a monetary judgment for damages that include emotional and physical pain, loss of potential future earnings and loss of capacity to enjoy life. Other parents who have experienced malpractice situations in Florida may contact a personal injury attorney if they wish to consider filing a similar legal claim in court., “Lawsuit claims mistake by All Children’s hospital led to baby’s abuse“, Kathleen McGrory, Feb. 12, 2016