Schools, guns and liability for weapons in the classroom

It’s a fact that guns end up in schools in America more than the media gets a hold of. Many times, these guns end up in classrooms innocently; a child may accidentally take the wrong bag from home or could bring one to show off, not realizing the danger. If your child is put into danger because of a weapon, you may not be sure who to make a complaint against. Your attorney may help you file it against multiple parties.

Schools need to be held liable for the lack of oversight of these children, though. If there’s a potential for deadly weapons to be on site, then there should be actions in place to recognize and take away those items.

During the first part of 2015 and 2016 academic year, there were a reported 135 firearms taken into U.S. schools. One student was stopped while trying to sell a revolver at his high school. Another had been sitting on a gun in her wheelchair unknowingly.

Parents are responsible for keeping these items out of the hands of children, but it’s also a school’s responsibility to make sure weapons aren’t allowed on site. Some schools have put into place metal detectors or bag searches, which can help catch these weapons before they go into a classroom where they could potentially be used to harm others.

Schools need to be on their guards; some studies believe that students may be bringing guns to school because of having fights with other kids. Others may just have them to show off, but that still poses a risk to other students.

Many people are to blame when these situations arise, but schools can’t be rid of their liabilities. It’s important for the staff to be trained in handling unsafe situations to prevent them from getting out of hand.

Source: The Trace, “Once Per Day, an American Kid Brings a Gun to School,” Jennifer Mascia and Erin Corbett, Jan. 29, 2016