How to find legal help after suffering personal injury in a crash

Members of various athletic teams often travel together by bus or van. When a sports team’s vehicle is involved in a motor vehicle collision, team members are at immediate risk for personal injury. A recent incident occurred in Florida involving several members of the Roughnecks, a professional soccer team from another state.

At least six players from the Roughnecks were traveling together by van when their vehicle was involved in a collision. Four of the team members suffered injuries that led to their being transported to several different hospitals in the area. The accident took place on a recent Wednesday when the members of the team were apparently traveling to Jacksonville from another Florida location.

Three of the Oklahoma soccer team players were able to be treated and released from the local hospitals. However, one of the players suffered more serious injuries and remains in the hospital at this time. A recent update on his condition listed him as stable. Reportedly, the Roughnecks team had been in Florida for several days prior to the crash to attend preseason training sessions.

Accidents in Florida and elsewhere are often caused by driver negligence or recklessness. When such circumstances result in personal injury to another traveler, justice may be served through the legal system. An injured victim may pursue compensation for damages against a responsible party by filing a legal claim in a civil court. Typically, this is done alongside the guidance of an attorney with experience in litigating claims arising from motor vehicle accidents.

Source:, “Tulsa soccer players injured in Florida crash“, March 2, 2016