Florida medical malpractice re emergency room mistakes

Florida patients entering emergency rooms are often suffering acute symptoms that require prompt diagnosis and medical treatment. Any mistake on the part of medical staff can have disastrous consequences for patients. Injuries that result in permanent disability have sometimes occurred because of doctors’ errors; such circumstances may be grounds for medical malpractice lawsuits.

In May 2011, one woman went to the emergency room seeking care and presenting symptoms of weakness and confusion. Records state that she also seems to have suffered a seizure after arriving at the hospital. Doctors diagnosed a low sodium serum and administered a sodium solution as treatment over the next 48 hours.

Approximately one week later, the woman was transferred to another hospital. It became apparent that she had suffered a brain injury, which was allegedly caused by the sudden administration of the sodium solution. The woman’s condition required care in a nursing home until 2014 when she finally returned home. She continues to suffer disability in the use of her legs and hands.

The medical malpractice claim the woman filed was recently settled out of court. The court has approved $5 million as payment to the 64-year-old woman. In Florida, the law protects patients who have suffered personal injury because of mistakes made in emergency rooms. By filing a legal claim in a civil court, an injured patient can seek compensation for damages, requesting that the court hold those found responsible for the injury accountable for their actions. The compensation obtained in a successfully litigated claim can be used to help pay medical bills and expenses associated with care in recovery.

Sourcecookcountyrecord.com, “$5 million medical malpractice settlement OK’d vs doctors, Northwest Community Hospital“, Emma Gillamore, Jan. 22, 2016