What to do if when a loved one suffers personal injury or death

For various reasons, many Florida travelers hire drivers to transport them to their destinations, some on a daily basis, others for a one-time occasion. Uber is a  travel network that uses privately owned, everyday vehicles for hire as a modern day taxi-style service. Riding as a passenger when another person is driving is always a risk; however, those whose loved one has suffered personal injury or death in an accident caused by another will want to know that justice can be sought through the legal system.

One family is currently suing Uber and the driver who was operating the vehicle hired by a family member in Dec. 2015. The 20-year-old and three of his friends were riding as passengers in the Uber vehicle. A tragedy suddenly occurred when the driver attempted a left-hand turn on the road.

Apparently, another vehicle slammed into the Uber car, causing it to roll and crash into a wall. It seems that the impact of the collision caused both vehicles to ignite in flames. Everyone involved escaped without personal injury, except the young man, who became entrapped inside the burning vehicle and died. His family has filed a lawsuit against the Uber company and the person who was driving at the time.

Families whose loved ones suffer personal injury or fatalities in Florida car accidents often want answers regarding the causes of the collisions. Often, an accident may have been prevented were it not for a distracted driver or one acting recklessly behind the wheel. In such cases, legal claims can be filed against those deemed responsible in order to seek monetary judgments for documented damages.

Source: CBS Miami, “Family Suing Uber After Crash Kills Loved One“, Joan Murray, Jan. 12, 2016