You can file a claim for compensation after a wrongful death

A catastrophic injury, which is one that leaves you with a permanent injury or one that results in the death of a loved one, is something that most people want to prevent, even when bad accidents happen. No one wants to get hurt when traveling, but there are dangers on the roads. Large trucks are one of those dangers.

These vehicles, which are heavy and oversized compared to passenger vehicles, can crush smaller vehicles in accidents. Their bumpers are higher than a car’s bumper, making it more likely for a car to be pushed under the truck in a collision, for windows to break and for the people inside to be hit directly.

In 2012, 3,921 people died in crashes that involved large trucks weighing over 10,000 pounds. Only 18 percent of those inside the large trucks were victims in these incidents; more often, it was the occupants of other vehicles and pedestrians who suffered the worst. People in other vehicles made up 73 percent of victims in 2012, while pedestrians made up around 10 percent.

The number of people injured in these accidents is much higher than the number of people killed; around 104,000 people were injured in 2012 when a large truck was involved in an accident. Twenty-four percent of those injured were truck occupants, while the rest of the total injuries were made up of pedestrians and occupants in other vehicles.

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