Gallbladder surgery leads to medical malpractice lawsuit

Florida medical patients undergo a variety of surgical procedures each day in hospitals throughout the state. Some operations are considered minor, while others are more serious; yet, all surgeries include risk for complications. However, a surgeon is expected to care for each patient in accordance with the utmost levels of safety standards and regulations. When a surgeon is negligent, the situation sometimes leads to a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Such is the case in another state where a man was undergoing a common procedure for gallbladder removal. During the operation, the surgeon reportedly nicked the man’s bile duct. The doctor apparently failed to address his mistake, making no repair to the severed duct.

The patient reportedly had to endure several further surgeries to repair the damage done during the gallbladder operation. In a lawsuit he has since filed against the surgeon, he claims to have suffered both physically and emotionally from the injury allegedly caused by the surgeon’s negligence. He is seeking more than $50,000 in compensation for damages.

Medical malpractice is a serious issue that, in worst cases, can result in death to a patient. Those who survive their injuries are often traumatized and left with a need for ongoing medical care in recovery. The added expense can bring undue financial stress to a patient that can be somewhat alleviated if a legal claim is filed and is successful in court. Florida patients considering filing such claims can begin the process by contacting an experienced personal injury lawyer to discuss the matter.

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