You can make a claim after you fall at a store or local shop

No one likes to slip and fall, especially when it can be avoided. Everyone has had bumps and bruises from doing so, but that’s a huge difference from seriously hurting yourself because of someone else’s negligence or lack of maintenance to a property. If you’ve fallen and hit your head, broken bones or been left with medical bills for other injuries, it’s important to speak with your attorney about your options for compensation. Your injuries shouldn’t be ignored, and you should be fairly compensated for all you’ve been through.

While the winter approaches, it’s important to review some ways to prevent injuries. Snow is unlikely in Florida, but colder weather could potentially lead to frost, high winds and rainy days. Rain can lead to puddles or be tracked into a store, creating slick floors that can cause injuries when you slip and fall.

Over 1 million Americans get hurt following a slip-and-fall accident every year, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has reported. They’re not all simply minor injuries, either. A reported 17,000 or more people die every year because of these injuries, many of which can be prevented.

When you walk into a store with slick floors, the store should have been prepared with rugs or other ways to catch water and prevent people from slipping. Wet-floor signs should have been present, to remind you to walk cautiously. If you slipped outside because of gathering water or slick stairs, the owner of the property should have prepared for your safety by monitoring the conditions and working to eliminate any hazards. Our website has more information on liability and who can be held responsible for your accident.