You may be compensated for birth injuries caused to your child

There are literally dozens of kinds of birth injuries your child could suffer from before, during, or after delivery. While some may occur naturally, others are caused by negligence or distractions and poor care. Some kinds of injuries can be treated and will heal, but others will not and may be permanent or deadly.

Certain kinds of brain injuries, like birth asphyxia, need to be treated with caution. This particular injury can lead to secondary damage to the brain after oxygen is restored. What causes it? If your baby hasn’t received enough oxygen before, during or after birth, it’s a possibility. This means that a delayed Caesarian section could put your child at risk of hypoxia and asphyxia, or failing to clean out his or her lungs after birth could lead to infection that causes the same.

Medical providers who fail to do their jobs and put your life and the life your child at risk should be held accountable for their actions. There’s no excuse for a medical professional to ignore a child in distress in the womb or to ignore a mother who needs help with giving birth. These professionals should be trained to handle anything that could go wrong, which means they shouldn’t be the cause of the problem.

Our website has more information on types of birth injuries and what to do if you think your child has an injury as a result of negligence or poor care before, during or after birth. You deserve to get the answers you need and the compensation you want, so you child can live a comfortable life.