Florida accident results in personal injury, 1 fatality

Causes of motor vehicle accidents are not always immediate apparent. Sometimes, a collision leads to an ongoing investigation wherein authorities must delve into the details of the events that resulted in the crash in order to determine who may have been responsible. When a personal injury or death occurs as a result of an accident, the information gained from an investigation becomes vitally important.

Florida Highway Patrol troopers were recently called to an accident scene. An Uber vehicle and a squad car from the sheriff’s office in Seminole County were involved. One of the vehicles was traveling in an eastbound direction, and the other was northbound when the collision occurred.

A passenger in the Uber car died, and the officer driving the squad car severely injured. It has been conjectured that perhaps one of the vehicles ran a red light moments before the crash. The 28-year-old man who was killed in the accident was apparently using the Uber driving service to get home to his family after a holiday party. The official investigation is ongoing.

A 73-year-old man was behind the wheel of the Uber car and remains in the hospital, though he has stated that he does not remember what happened. Authorities plan to study video surveillance from area establishments in the hope of determining a direct cause. When a motorist has been deemed responsible in a Florida accident that has led to personal injury or death of an innocent victim, a legal claim is sometimes filed in a civil court seeking restitution on a victim’s behalf.

Source: mynews13.com, “Video may hold clues in Seminole deputy’s fatal crash with Uber“, Jeff Allen, Accessed on Dec. 16, 2015