Cat bite infection leads to medical malpractice claim

Typically, a person entering a hospital emergency room for care is in an urgent situation. One might be suffering from any number of ailments or conditions that prompted a trip to the hospital. Florida patients are not unlike others who expect that their conditions will be properly diagnosed and appropriate treatments administered. Medical malpractice issues may arise when a doctor fails to diagnose a condition or otherwise acts in a negligent manner, adversely affecting patient care.

In some situations, the result of medical care is not improved health. Because of substandard care and medical negligence, a patient may end up suffering further injury or illness. Such seems to be the case as referenced in a recent legal claim filed by a woman who sought treatment in another state for infected cat bites.

The woman claims that doctors failed to properly treat her infection. She alleges that this has led to further complications and a decline in her physical health. In the lawsuit she has filed, naming several defendants, doctors’ failure to properly clean and treat the wounds is blamed as the direct cause for her continued pain, weakness and disability.

The woman asserts that she is barely able to get out of bed on some days. She is seeking a monetary judgment totaling $75,000 or more against those deemed responsible for her continued problems. A Florida patient who believes that medical malpractice is to blame for an injury or illness suffered during hospital care may consult with a legal advocate in the area if considering filing a claim in a civil court., “Cat bite victim sues U-M hospital for alleged medical malpractice“, John Counts, Dec. 11, 2015