Florida medical malpractice claims re surgical errors

Medical patients in Florida entrusting themselves to the care of surgeons typically expect that they will be treated according to the utmost levels of safety and medical protocol. There are certain conditions that are unable to be treated, no matter how skilled a doctor, nurse or surgeon may be. However, there are also very simple procedures that turn into tragic situations when patients are injured because of medical malpractice.

Surgical errors are a leading cause of incidents resulting in medical malpractice claims. In a recent publication, the Journal of American Medicine stated that one in 10,000 surgeries result in serious injury to the patient because of medical error. In 2014, there were approximately 5,000 serious incidents involving surgical errors in the United States.

Objects left inside a patient’s body, wrong-site surgeries and severe burns are listed as some of the most problematic errors that occur during operations at hospitals throughout the nation. In 2014, at least 400,000 deaths occurred that were directly related to errors on the part of medical staff. This means that medical negligence is the nation’s third leading cause of death.

When a Florida patient is severely injured or made ill because of medical malpractice, a person’s life can be changed forever. Ongoing medical needs and assisted living care can add undue financial stress to a situation that may have been entirely preventable. Those who have suffered may take comfort in knowing that the law allows them to seek accountability against those believed responsible for their injuries. A monetary judgment can lead to compensation that an injured patient can use to help offset some the often exorbitant costs associated with such an incident.

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