Several suffer personal injury inside Florida restaurant

There are many restaurants in Florida where residents and tourists enjoy good food and friendly atmospheres. When dining in such establishments, patrons have the right to reasonably expect that they will be safe from potential hazards, especially motor vehicle accidents that typically occur outdoors. A recent incident left customers shocked, with several suffering personal injury when a vehicle came crashing through the restaurant, leaving skid marks on the floor and causing substantial property damage.

For reasons yet unknown, a man who is reportedly a regular customer at the restaurant lost control of his minivan and went careening through the front window, into the dining area of the building. Surveillance film shows the vehicle accelerating, then crashing straight through the window. A witness said the vehicle zoomed passed him, running over everything in its path.

The driver of the van and four others suffered injuries in the accident. Though it is not known where one of the injured parties was taken, four were transported to two area hospitals for treatment. A restaurant spokesman said that the driver of the vehicle had initially come to pick up a food order, and no one knows how or why he lost control of his vehicle.

Personal injury suffered due to a motorist’s negligence is grounds for legal action in many circumstances. Medical bills, lost wages and other expenses associated with accident injury in Florida can bring undue financial stress upon a victim injured through the fault of another. It is justifiable in such cases to seek compensation for damages in a civil court.

Source: NBC Miami, “5 Injured After Car Crashes Into Plantation Restaurant“, Dec. 7, 2015