Personal injury lawyers can offer guidance after Florida accident

It is crucial for anyone behind the wheel on a busy Florida highway to act according to the highest level of safety standards and traffic regulations to protect oneself, as well as those sharing the road. Distracted driving, reckless maneuvers or other instances of negligence can lead to serious accidents that cause personal injury or death to innocent victims. In such circumstances, an experienced attorney is typically able to offer guidance to anyone considering filing a legal claim in connection with an accident.

Recently, a crash occurred at approximately 5 a.m. on a Florida highway. A 40-year-old tractor-trailer driver apparently fell asleep behind the wheel of his truck. The vehicle reportedly veered off the road. The driver woke up and allegedly attempted to steer the truck back onto the highway. In doing so, he swerved and the vehicle flipped over.

The overturned rig in the middle of the road seems to have caused a chain of collisions. A total of five vehicles crashed, resulting in hundreds of thousands of dollars in estimated property damages. Several people suffered injuries in the multiple collisions that took place.

Many people who suffer personal injury in Florida car accidents choose to pursue legal action against the party or parties believed to be responsible. In the above-mentioned incident, the tractor-trailer driver was charged with careless driving. Even when injuries suffered are seemingly minor, the situation often requires ongoing medical care and recovery treatment that can bring unexpected financial crisis to those involved. Seeking compensation for damages in court is a possible means of alleviating those costs.

Source:, “UPDATE: Sleepy driver causes I-10 crash“, Nov. 30, 2015