Florida parents will want to avoid defective products

arents across the nation, including those in Florida typically enjoy giving a gift of a new toy to their children. Some review various consumer reports ahead of time in order to make educated choices as to which toys are safe and worth buying. However, in some cases, parents are unaware of defective products in the marketplace, sometimes discovering the fact only after their child has suffered an injury.

World Against Toys Causing Harm (WATCH), a consumer advocacy organization, recently listed a new dinosaur claw toy on its annual list of potentially dangerous items. The foam toy was inspired by the new “Jurassic World” film. The consumer watch-dog group suggests that children who play with it are at risk for eye and facial injuries.

A folding trampoline is another potentially hazardous toy, according to the consumer group. WATCH’s president stated that many of the three million toys that have been recalled in the past year remain on store shelves, posing potential danger to children. She further stated that many of the recalled toys can be purchased at major toy chains such as, Toys R Us, Kmart and Wal-Mart.

Any Florida parent who believes that defective products have caused injuries or illness to his or her child can file a products liability claim in a civil court. Manufacturers and sales distributors who knowingly allow such products to pass into the hands of consumers can be held legally accountable for their negligence. Toys are meant to bring children joy, not suffering. Concerned parents may want to contact a personal injury lawyer for consultation in the matter if their family has been adversely affected by a dangerous product.

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