Did defective products cause fire?

In Florida, as in all other states, the law protects any person who has suffered injury, illness or otherwise because of a faulty product that made normal usage of it hazardous to the consumer. Defective products are suspected to have been the cause of a restaurant fire, and an insurance company has filed claims in the matter. The fire took place in 2014 and is believed to have been caused by an espresso machine.

The claim has been filed against two separate corporations. Each had a part in designing and/or manufacturing the espresso machines that are thought to have started a fire. It has been alleged that power wiring to one of the machine’s solenoids failed during use, thus causing the machine to malfunction and a fire to ignite. The lawsuit claims that the named defendants should have checked the machine for defects and made any necessary repairs.

More than $220,000 in damages is being sought in the case, in addition to any restitution deemed appropriate by the court. The coffee shop was under lease to one person and was insured by the plaintiff’s company. The claim alleges breach of warranty, negligence and strict liability.

In similar circumstances, Florida residents may may have legal grounds to file claims in a civil court. Depending upon the property damage, personal injury or illness caused by defective products, an undue financial burden may be placed upon a recovering victim. A successfully litigated claim can provide compensation that can help alleviate some or all of those costs.

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