25-year-old man dies from falling object in construction zone

Working in construction can be dangerous, and there are always hazards around. Safety protocols prevent most accidents, but falling objects still account for many accidents, injuries and deaths each year. Objects that are above the heads of workers should always be secured. Most of the time, they are. Sometimes, an item is dropped or comes loose, and that’s when problems arise. Even if the workers wear hard hats, they won’t be guaranteed to be safe from these falling objects.

If you’re struck by a falling item while working, you could suffer a head injury, like bleeding on the brain, an aneurysm or seizures, or you could even suffer a wrongful death. That’s when your attorney may be able to help you and your family get the compensation needed to cover the losses you face.

A falling object is reportedly the cause of a man’s death in Ocoee, Florida. A 25-year-old construction worker was working on State Road 50 when an object on a crane suddenly fell over 50 feet, striking him in the head. The preliminary report showed that the man was struck and survived initially, but by the time he reached the hospital by ambulance, he had passed away.

The man was working with a team that was reconstructing the roads on the way into the West Oaks Mall entrance. They were being widened for increasing traffic to help the flow through the entrance. Now, the Lane Construction Corp., the company responsible for the construction, is under investigation for the incident. Police are aiming to find out why the object was not secured.

Source: WESH.com, “Man, 25, dies in construction accident in Ocoee, officials say,” Gail Paschall-Brown, Oct. 16, 2015