Dog bites can lead to life-threatening or life-altering injuries

Dog bite injuries can lead to devastating effects for the victim. In a recent blog post, we discussed the case in which a man was critically injured in a dog attack. While that is one possibility that can occur when dogs attack, it is also possible that a person will suffer from injuries that aren’t life-threatening. Even then, those injuries can be life altering.

We know that all dog attack victims face a battle to heal and recover from the incident. In some cases, the victim can suffer from bite wounds and scratches. Those open wounds might become infected. An infection in a bite wound can become a life-threatening medical problem if it isn’t treated promptly and properly.

When you think about the medical care that you might need after a dog attack, you might realize that the financial impact can be dramatic. You might have more medical bills coming in than you were prepared for. If the injuries from the attack were serious and you had to be hospitalized, you might be missing out on income. The increase in expenses and decrease in income can lead to a perfect storm that ruins your financial stability.

We understand that you are trying to recover from the dog attack. We also understand that you might not have the time and energy to wage a legal battle to seek compensation for your injuries. We can help you to get the legal work done so that you can focus on your health. You don’t have to choose between healing and seeking compensation.