Woman attacked by 4 dogs in animal attack in Florida

When you’re heading out to pick up your mail from your mailbox, you aren’t expecting anything bad to happen to you. The least of your worries would be that you’d suddenly be attacked by a group of dogs. Animal attacks can happen suddenly, and if they do, it’s important to work with someone who can help you seek compensation and make a claim against the owner for negligence. Your safety was at risk, and there’s no reason that should be allowed.

In a case out of Florida, an elderly woman was attacked while she was retrieving mail from her mailbox. The 76-year-old woman had been just outside her home in Ocala when a German shepherd, retriever mix, pit bull mix and pit bull all attacked her where she stood.

The sudden attack could have ended much worse for her, but she was fortunate. A neighbor living nearby was able to help her by pulling the dogs off. The neighbor also called for help, since the woman had been wounded by the attack. At that point, she had to be taken to the hospital for treatment. She reportedly had puncture wounds all over her body that had to be treated, and she was kept hospitalized following the incident. The hospital reported that she was in fair condition following the attack.

How did the dogs get loose? According to the Marion County spokeswoman, the dogs escaped from a neighboring yard. The owner had already been issued a dangerous dog warning, so the animals were removed by Animal Services and are in quarantine.

Source: Naples Daily News, “Florida woman recovering from attack by 4 dogs,” Sep. 11, 2015