Florida city settles in two personal injury cases

In the news, recently, were reports of two separate cases in Florida where residents filed lawsuits against Delray Beach city. Taxpayers will reportedly foot the bill for the substantial amounts of money the city has agreed to pay in settlements for the personal injury cases. The settlements were allegedly approved without input from any commissioners.

In the first case, a man claims that he suffered physical discomfort and severe embarrassment when he was arrested under a case of mistaken identity and held in jail for several days. He was charged in an undercover drug sale operation, but those charges were later dropped when the State Attorney’s office determined that he was not the correct suspect. The man will now receive $20,000 for the damages he sustained in the incident.

The other case has been settled in the amount of $35,000. It involved a woman who claims that she was injured by a golf cart owned by the city. She says that her injury occurred when she was attending a city event. The incident took place in 2009. The total settlement amount for both cases will reportedly cost taxpayers $55,000.

In Florida and beyond, when a person suffers personal injury due to negligence on the part of another, he or she is protected under the law with the right to file a legal claim in a civil court. Enlisting the help of an experienced attorney is typically a prudent decision because he or she is able to provide useful information and prepare an aggressive and effective strategy for seeking compensation for the damages one has sustained. The first logical step to take would be to discuss the details of one’s case with an available attorney in the area.

Source: sun-sentinel.com, “Delray officials approve legal settlements totaling $55,000“, Marisa Gottesman, Accessed on Sept. 4, 2015