You may be able to claim compensation for your personal injuries

Walking inside a store should be a safe experience. You shouldn’t have to worry about slick flooring from a leaking roof letting water in or from a worker leaving a puddle after mopping. There should be level flooring and cracks or platforms should be marked or repaired. When you’re injured inside a store that hasn’t taken the time to repair or mark dangerous areas properly, then you have a right to complain and file a premises liability lawsuit.

It’s the responsibility of a business owner to make sure a premises is safe for others to enter. If a manager of a store, for instance, knows there is a large crack in the flooring that is a trip hazard, it should be marked and repaired as soon as possible. If the manager ignores the damage on the property after he or she knows about it, then you may be able to show that he or she was being negligent and that the negligence resulted in your injury.

After you’re hurt, your whole life is impacted. You may have to worry about medical bills, lost wages and other financial losses because of the injuries you’ve suffered. You shouldn’t have to be the one to pay those bills, because it wasn’t your negligence that caused the problem.

Our website has more information about premises liability and when property owners can be held liable for injuries others suffer on their properties. With the right help, you can fight back against the owner and get the money you need to take care of yourself in this trying time.