Fight for compensation when you’re struck by a truck

You may have been simply driving down the highway when you were suddenly struck by a truck, or you could have been pulling up to a stop sign when the driver failed to slow down, forcing him to hit you in a rear-end collision. Whatever the reason was for your accident, when it’s the negligence of another person that results in your suffering, it is important that you speak up and seek out the compensation you need.

Florida’s roads can be crowded, but that’s no reason for accidents to take place. Drivers should slow down and be aware of the traffic around them. When they aren’t, serious injuries happen. That’s when you need to make a claim to the other party’s insurance or if they aren’t insured, you need to make a claim against them for compensation.

Here’s an example. If you were in a middle lane of the highway and noticed that traffic was stopping ahead, you would slow down. If the driver behind you doesn’t notice and is distracted, then it’s possible that he could collide with your vehicle, pushing you into a row of cars and people who were doing the right thing by stopping. At that point, your life could be threatened simply because of a person’s distraction, even if it was only for a few seconds.

Your life is important and shouldn’t be put at risk because a truck driver is on the phone or texting his location to someone. Drivers should pull over when they’re tired and make sure they’re attentive on the roadways. Our site has more information about the ways you can stand up for yourself and make sure your well-being is accounted for following a crash.