Hold pet owners accountable for your injuries

Florida is a lovely state in which to raise pets, including dogs. The weather is nice almost all year long, so the pet owner can let the pet outside for fresh air often. When that pet, such as a dog, isn’t properly socialized and contained, injuries to people who come into contact with the pet can occur.

Just last week, we discussed some factors that seem to play a part in who is bitten by a dog. If you recall, children ages 1 to 9 years old are most likely to be bitten by a dog. That shows just how important it is for dog owners to properly socialize their dogs and ensure the dogs aren’t a threat to anyone.

We know that if you have been injured by another person’s pet, the effects are probably great. In the case of a dog bite, you might be scared of dogs now. On top of the actual physical injury you suffered, you might also have mental difficulties or emotional damage. You might have even suffered financially because of the injury.

Pet owners have a duty to keep people safe from their pets. If you were injured by a person’s pet, you have the right to seek compensation for the damages caused by the attack. Florida’s strict liability standard means that you don’t have to prove that the pet owner acted in a negligent manner.

If you decide to hold the pet owner accountable for the attack, we can help you to prepare your case and move forward with the process. You should take action sooner rather than later to ensure you are filing within the statute of limitations.