You can seek compensation following a birth injury

There are some kinds of birth injuries that can hurt your child for an entire lifetime. Any injury that affects the nervous system, for instance, is a neurological condition that can cause paralysis or other injuries. The impact of these kinds of injuries are massive for families; children who should be living happily and healthily may now have to struggle with a disability over the course of their lives.

Neurological injuries can stem from negligence during the period of pregnancy, during birth, or following birth. Some common kinds of neurological disorders include cerebral palsy, Erb’s palsy, and hypoxia, which can lead to brain damage.

Many of these injuries are caused by a lack of oxygen¬†reaching an infant’s brain. When the brain doesn’t receive enough oxygen, the cells begin to break down and die. This begins to injure the child by destroying necessary brain functions that won’t necessarily be able to be replaced through therapy or other treatments.

Victims of birth injuries should do what they can to learn as much about the birth as possible. For instance, were you waiting longer than you were meant to for your induced labor to move to a C-section? Was the baby showing signs of distress that were ignored? Were you monitored correctly during your stay at the hospital, or were you faced with emergency decisions at the last minute to save your child’s life?

Our website has more information on hypoxia, cerebral palsy, and other injuries that can be caused by medical malpractice. You can learn more and decide if you want to make a case against your medical team.