Woman attacked by alligator at work in Florida

Animal attacks can happen at almost any time and anywhere. Normally, you’d find the owner of the animal to hold him or her liable for the injuries you suffered. The kind of animals that attack can determine the outcome for better or worse. If a dog attacks, it’s possible to have severe muscle and tissue damage, while if you are attacked by a cat, infection in scratches or deep puncture wounds are possible. These animals typically have someone who cares for them, making it easier to make a claim.

One animal you probably don’t think about attacking commonly is an alligator. What happens when you’re attacked by an animal that is wild? In this case, the woman may be able to seek compensation from her company, because she was working when the attack took place. According to the story from Aug. 3, the woman, a 46-year-old from Osceola County, was working at Forever Florida. She was removing plants from a pond on site when an alligator suddenly appeared.

The alligator tore a chunk out of the woman’s leg, the article reported. This required surgery to stem the bleeding and to repair damage to the leg. Following the incident, trappers came to the scene to find the alligator only to discover that two had made their way into the ecotourism attraction. One was 11 feet long, while the second was 8.5 feet long.

The park has stated that the particular alligator that attacked wasn’t in its care, although it did draw attention to the risk of wildlife attacking and the company’s potential liability.

Source: ABC News, “Alligator Attacks Worker at Forever Florida Attraction,” Aug. 03, 2015